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Romancing in Dal Lake: A Serene Getaway with Best Hotels in Srinagar

Kashmir is said to be the heaven on the Earth , each and every spot in kashmir is epitome of beauty and heavenliness, Dal lake is one of the finest example of the beauty that Indian land holds. Dal lake stands out as the symbol of timeless peace and romance. 

As summer season is closing its arms and India is welcoming another season within coming days , that is monsoon . Monsoon is without any doubt the romantic month of the year. It showers the magic of love and happiness. Don’t waste your time at home , let your schedule includes the visit to dal lake and experience the freshness of nature.

The greenery and the droplets of rain will thrill your loved one with abundance of admiration and joy. 

Now you must be wondering about the stay and hotel in srinagar ..!!

Dont worry we are here for the perfect solution for your each and every doubt regarding your stay and enjoyment near Dal lake!

For  seeking an unforgettable experience, Bellmont Hotel Srinagar is the perfect one stop destination for your escape  from hectic city life, it is just 600 meters from enchanting  Dal lake. This 3 star hotels in Srinagar combines modern amenities with the charm of traditional Kashmiri hospitality and services within your budget, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of great memories.

A Romantic Retreat by Dal Lake

Just imagine waking up with the soft and mesmerising sound of water in your ears and your soul will fill itself with positivity and joyness with the sound of water of dal lake. Belmont hotel Srinagar , can make this imagination into the reality which allow you to fully immerse yourself into the beauty of nature and lake offers you. The perfect serene beauty will make you and your loved one emotionally overwhelmed .

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

At Bellmont Hotel Srinagar, hotel take pride  on offering top-notch comfort and convenience to the  guests. The  well-equipped rooms are designed to maintain relaxation in mind, featuring modern amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and plush bedding. After a day of exploring Dal Lake , mughal garden and other attractions, return to the comfort of your room and unwind with a view of the surrounding mountains and moonlight.

The hotel offers the needed and great amenities to upgrade your stay. You can also enjoy the multicuisine meal  at  on-site restaurant. For those who prefer a more intimate dining experience, room service is available.

Romantic Activities and Experiences

Shikara : Dal lake is famous for its beauty , but there is one more attraction which is the best for you to experience , is the shikara rides. Isn’t it exciting to be in the most charming houseboats that dot the lake and add the most beautiful memory in your travel journals.

Mughal garden: If you are visiting kashmir, you can not miss the magical view of mughal garden , which is located near to Dal lake . The most beautiful flowers and plants which is not the every day sight for a city resider. It holds the history in its land and begin the explorer you must add this location in your travel bucketlist.

 The best part is that belmont hotel srinagar is the nearest and premium location from each of the spot , and it will help you to save your time as well as your money , moreover,the  hotel staff can provide information and assistance to make your visit to other local and happening locations of the land.

Book Your Romantic Getaway Today

Bellmont Hotel Srinagar, the best 3 star hotel in srinagar invites you to enhance your travel experience and added the beautiful memories with your loved ones in month of monsoon , near Dal Lake .

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Let Bellmont Hotel Srinagar be the backdrop to your unforgettable romantic journey. Discover the magic of Dal Lake and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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